9 Tips To Help You Sell Your Soap

9 Tips To Help You Sell Your Soap.png

You would like to sell more soaps, right?

9 Tips To Help You Sell Your Soap

I have been selling artisanal French soaps for over 10 years on markets and events in France and the UK. In that time, I have tried and tested many ways of selling my wares and many times, I admit, I got it badly wrong.

That's great news for you, though, because despite those errors, over time I started to get things very right. Here I offer you 9 very simple tips that will guarantee you an increase in soap sales, providing you have the footfall or site visitors of course. This list is by no means exhaustive and I plan to extend it sometime in the future.


1. Descriptions

You need to explain to customers why they should invest a little more in quality French soaps. As it is not always practical to explain this in person, you should add concise descriptions.

Print descriptions and attach them to boxes, baskets, your website or anywhere else you are displaying your soaps. Give your potential customers a reason to slow down and read exactly why they should buy these wonderful soaps. Don't write an essay though, just keep it simple and concise like this example from our retail website, naturalfrenchsoap.com


Product description example.JPG


Feel free to use or modify the descriptions on the Natural French Soap website.

Note: Don't copy them onto your website or Mr Google will not be pleased with you and may punish your rankings - change the wording a little at least.

Print the description onto A6 size paper (a quarter of A4) and attach to the box/basket/table. Also, if you can laminate them, they'll last forever - well almost.

These descriptions will keep your customers looking at your soaps for longer, which is a good thing right?


2. Price To Sell?

I am often asked about what the selling price of each soap should be, especially in different currencies. We have suggested selling prices on the website for each soap, but this is a tricky one because it depends on a few factors. Here is a couple of things you should consider:

  • Are authentic French Soaps unique in your region? 

If they are then you can charge a little more due to their scarcity/rarity.

If they are everywhere, which is very unlikely unless you live in Marseille, then you may need to be a little more competitive on price. However, make sure your competitors are selling 'genuine' French soaps or you may be selling yourself short. That's why offering descriptions as mentioned above is so important.

  • Who do you market to?

Many businesses fall into the trap of believing that everyone wants high-quality French soaps. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. Although these soaps appeal to a broad market of diverse people, you still need to identify who is seeing your products. Once you have identified this, you should match your pricing accordingly.

I would also argue that trying to sell high-quality French soaps to people on a budget may not be good practice, whatever the price.


3. Multi-price Discounts

If you are offering your soaps at just one price, you may be throwing away good money. Offer a multi-buy price, e.g. 

1 soap for 3.95

3 soaps for 11

6 soaps for 20

and you'll be amazed at how many people are opt for the second or third option, especially if they are having a hard time selecting just 1 or 2 of their favourite scents.

 4. Keep It Neat

Slightly elevate the back of the soap boxes or baskets – this way they will be seen from further away. Also, it's a good idea to have them all facing the same way.

If you are at an event/market, try also to display your products at the front of your stand, as most people feel reserved about entering 'your space' if they are displayed at the back.



5. I Can See A Rainbow

Arrange your soaps in a colour spectrum. People love to see rainbows and colours blending nicely. This works well unless you are attending some form of Bohemian event.



6. Get Busy

If you are selling at a market or an event, it is easy to sit down and relax. I know, it's a long day, right? BUT, generally, most people will not approach your stand if you are sat at the table looking in their direction. They're afraid of being sold to.

Instead, make yourself appear to be busy, even if you are not. I often do nothing at the back of the stand and more customers seem to approach.

Not convinced? Ok, let's try this... Have you ever tried to eat something discreetly at the back of your stand? Customers ALWAYS approach when you have a mouthful of a turkey sandwich and half your face is covered in mayonnaise!

By the way, that's another great tip to get customers to approach... eat and they come out of nowhere :)



Leaflet example.png

7. Leaflets

Create a simple A6 leaflet for skin care benefits with headings such as, anti-ageing, greasy skin or eczema, and list the soaps ideal for each category (see example below). Print them out and hand them to everyone that approaches the soaps. This is an easy, non-aggressive way to approach your customers.

If you have a small range on offer, perhaps a better option is to create a leaflet with a soap description for each scent.

You may be pleasantly surprised at how many people come back having read the leaflet over a coffee.

By the way, EVERYONE that looks at your soaps has sensitive skin :)

 8. Get Noticed

This is similar to having descriptions of the soaps. Use a banner or even a blackboard to show your customers that these are Artisanal, authentic French soaps and are different to the chemical-ridden, factory-made soaps found in the supermarket.


9. Brush up

Invest in a soft paint brush – A light brushing can eradicate some of the blemishes on the soaps. Don't go over the top though, as these soaps often look better and more authentic with a few marks on them.


I hope some of the above ideas are useful to you and I'd love to have your feedback, so let me know if you tried them and more importantly, how you did. Leave your comments below.

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