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The Provence region of France is a cultural haven known for its unique artisanal products. One of the most celebrated of these products is our 100% handmade French soaps!

At French Soap Wholesale we offer everything from the traditional Savon de Marseille soap that locals have been enjoying since 1370, to a versatile range of handcrafted French soaps typically found on markets throughout the South of France.

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Artisanal Handmade and Cruelty-free Products



Bring Provence To Your Customers With Our Handmade Natural French Soaps

French Soap Wholesale supplies the very best artisanal soaps from small, family soap-makers in and around the Provence region of Marseille. We offer you more than just the pretty packaging of some so-called “French” soaps on the market. Our authentic Provencal soaps are triple-milled, made with sustainable oils, and without skin-irritating harsh chemicals. Our deliciously scented soaps are handmade using traditional techniques and care.

We can promise that our soaps always look, feel and smell beautiful and that they’re always, always French!


5 Reasons to Use French Soap Wholesale Ltd French Soap Wholesale Testimonials 9 Tips To Help You Sell Your Soap  

5 Reasons to Use French Soap Wholesale

See Our Testimonials

9 Tips To Help You Sell Your Soap